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Four generations, the year 2015 represented for our company one of the greatest achievements in our entire business history.

Children of Antonio Ferre is a centennial textile company of Banyeres de Mariola, born in 1914, with a clear objective; Innovate and grow, adapting to the times and the market demand.

A company with a clear family vocation, the demand led him to buy a loom to make jute bags. In a very short time a process of growth begins, and in 1947 we started our first spinning.

This was the beginning of the company, a hundred years later, we export almost everywhere in the world. A long trajectory in the textile sector that makes day by day we adapt to the new realities and trends, with a clear recipe: innovation, will power and illusion.

Hijos de Antonio Ferre is a company specialized in home textiles, specializing in the production of natural bras fabrics: Linen, cotton and jute.

A diversified production in products such as upholstery, curtains, textile for construction and gardening, footwear …

It might seem that in the textile decoration sector everything is invented, for us “The company that does not innovate dies”, there are many materials to discover, you have to look for the new before the others.

Our trajectory is the result of combining the delicacy of our origins with a continuous exercise of renewal. The most important project in 2015 is the expansion of our facilities on land adjacent to our factory.

Currently we have a set of 24,300 m2 of facilities, 140 employees and the most advanced machinery to offer a wide range of products with high added value.

Logo created for the centenary of the company.

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