100 Aniversary

Four generations dedicated to manufacture fabrics; Since 1914

The beginning of weaving goes back to year 1914 when the founder Antonio Ferre, who had a fertilizer store, decides to put a little warping and a manual loom to produce jute fabric, and to do the bags for the packing of fertilizer, giving work to the person in charge of the warehouse while did not have clients who take care of.

Gradually as were producing more sacks than he needed, began selling bags for other purposes and was expanded until having 15 looms in the early 20 `s , leaving the sale of fertilizers and dedicating completely to the manufacture and sale of textile to the present time

During these 100 years the company has been evolving, extending or modifying the machinery park following the new technologies and introducing themselves in new markets as the traditional ones were disappearing or becoming less profitable.

Logotipo aniversario Antonio Ferre


Administracion y Producción

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Almacén y Ventas

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