Recover; Manufacturer of natural fabrics

Fabric manufacturer 100% recycled and ecological, manufacturer of natural fabrics.


We recycle materials to give them new value, a new life. Discover the most sustainable yarns; Recycled cotton + polyester recycled from PET bottles.

The range of articles more sustainable to be produced with fibers 100% recycled. These yarns have as a component a high percentage of recycled cotton which, together with the polyester recycled from PET bottles, forms a novel range of yarns with an intimate blend of both fibers.

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Administracion y Producción

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03450 Banyeres de Mariola,(Alicante)

Telf. 966 567 425

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Almacén y Ventas

Avenida les Molines 77

03450 Banyeres de Mariola,(Alicante)

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