Antonio Ferre

Company of fabrics, manufacturing natural Fabrics,
cotton, linen and jute

Design, quality guarantee and manufacturing experience in since 1914

Adapted to international trends, Antonio Ferre is synonymous of quality, tradition and trust. We are manufacturers of linen fabrics, manufacturer of natural fabrics, manufacturer of 100% recycled and ecological fabrics, manufacturer of fabrics for footwear and leather goods, manufacturer of fireproof fabrics for contract. We are a totally sustainable company, with ecological products, we contribute in the improvement of the environment and we collaborate socially.

  • Snake; Tejidos para tapicería
  • Roiano; Tejidos para tapicería
    Jute fabrics
  • Calzado Antonio Ferre
    Footwear and leather Goods

Discover Recover; Fabrics made with 100% recycled fibers

Sustainable products, uncolored colors



 we value the direct contact with our customers and we employ fully to meet their needs in a personalized way.

Agilidad, calidad

Quality and agility

 our warehouse allows us to have stock of our collections and to serve orders very quickly.


Personalized service

One of our differential values is the direct deal with our clients, we work to know your requirements in a personalized way.


Explore our products and you will find your ideal solution. A wide range of products for any style.

All our fabrics meet the highest standards and are finished so that they that can be washed without shrinkage problems. We have a wide range of fabrics and curtains in widths of 280 – 300 cm washable with a Large range of colors and designs for all types of decoration. Access our decoration products; Upholstery, drapery, net curtains, jute, footwear and leather goods, 100% recycled fabrics; Recover

  • Bolero, visillos
    Net curtains
    Upholstery fabrics
  • Vivaldi; Cortinas
    upholstery fabrics
  • Alexandra; Tejidos para tapicería
    Decorative fabrics
  • Recover, tejidos naturales
    100% natural fabrics,
    Recover. cotton recover yarn

Each style has a great story

Cotton yarn recycled recover 

Logotipo Recover Antonio Ferre

We see Recover recycled cotton yarn to create new garments, fabrics made with 100% recycled fibers

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